What Your Guy’s Dreams Really Mean

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    What Your Guy’s Dreams Really Mean

    By Cosmopolitan.com | Love + Sex | 22 hours ago | Comments

    Find out what that sexy dream of his meant..Find out what that sexy dream of his meant..

    Researchers recently identified the five most common man-dreams. We asked Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of The Complete Dream Book, for her expert take.

    By Cosmopolitan

    1. Intimacy
    If he dream-cheats on you with another woman, it’s because he’s attracted to one of her nonphysical qualities, like her ambition or quick wit. And if he dreams about a fictional person he’s never met, pay attention to the particular sexy adventure. That’s what he really wants to do–but with you.

    2. Being Chased
    He’s feeling pressured by something, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily running away from it. The pursuer could be a symbol for something that motivates him and is merely pushing him in a certain direction.

    3. Falling
    He is overwhelmed and feels out of control, either at work or in his personal life.

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