These days, it seems no one can get enough of Jennifer Hudson’s new svelte body, but can you blame them? The ‘Dreamgirls’ star — who is currently the national spokesperson for Weight Watchers — has been shedding pounds since she gave birth last August. And she’s never looked better. “During pregnancy, you’re being invaded for so long. I thought, ‘Wow I want me back, and I want a good me at the same time,'” Hudson told BlackVoices.

According to People, the songstress has shed an additional 20 pounds since debuting her new figure in April and snagging the cover of Instyle magazine last month. Hudson hopes other women can gain inspiration from her weight loss. “I hope people look at me and think, ‘If she did it, then that means I can do it too.'”

The ‘Winnie’ actress was recently in New York City promoting Weight Watchers’ “Lose for Good” campaign, which educates families on how to prepare low-costing, healthy meals in an effort to fight hunger and obesity. BlackVoices caught up with the singer to talk about what she loves most about her new figure, the challenges of balancing motherhood and healthy eating, and her upcoming album.

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