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In 12 years of marriage, Fatin and Aja Dantzler have produced six children and four albums. While the Philadelphia-based couple want to make more music, they’ve decided they are done with baby-making.

That decision spurred their delightful web reality show “Six Is It” – as well as the recent decision for Fatin, a.k.a. Daddy Kindred, to undergo a vasectomy to make sure. The family’s decision is the basis of their second season premiere, “Takin’ One For the Team

Fatin talked to BAW about life, marriage and what it was like to undergo an procedure that scares many men. After six kids, why didn’t you just keep going? You could have become the black Duggars (the parents of 19, who have their own reality show).

FATIN DANTZLER: Why didn’t we just keep going?  Because it’s difficult to raise six children, and we’d rather be raising these kids instead of continuing to bring babies into the world. It’s hard in terms of scheduling and getting everything done. My twins just went to school today, so now we have five children in school. Although we love it, we don’t want to be continuing to be running behind little children. We want to go into our 40s having children that can be independent instead of running around raising tiny babies. We had to find a birth prevention method that was foolproof.

Aren’t there less drastic methods than a vasectomy that could have worked for you?

Well, obviously not! We have utilized all methods, and those methods just weren’t foolproof. We wanted to go with a method that seemed to be the method that would work the best for us. That responsibility or issue usually falls on women. They get their tubes tied or take these pills, and those things have risks involved. Condoms are not foolproof, and this was a way for us to continue to enjoy each other and have fun together and not have to be so burdened with that concern: ‘Is that period gone come?’ We considered whether or not it was feasible to get her tubes ties or get an IUD.  Aja had been on Depo-Provera before, and it made her hair fall out. I’m the oldest of six, and I never expected to be the father of six.  I talked to some people that had had it, and they assured me it was easy and not quite painless,  but not like the pain of childbirth or your hair falling out or any of the other side effects. So I had to bite the bullet and stand up for my family.

I think there are a lot of married folks out there who’d like to know how you got to have six kids in the first place!

Thankfully, kids always go to sleep, and we have a house big enough where kids can be in other parts of the house. But it is difficult, and that’s why we want to make sure we can get to that private, private time. 

A lot of people look to you guys as an example of a happy married life. How important do you believe a sexual relationship is in a marriage?

It is probably in that top three. We have got to be able to be intimate with each other as much as possible. People are always talking about they’re cheating or going through rough periods or ‘My man or my woman isn’t doing it for me.’

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