You watched the game now relive the best and worst commercials of superbowl 2010!

Video: Kia: Toy Fantasy

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Video: Kia: Toy Fantasy

Video: GoDaddy: Massage

Video: Focus on the Family: Tebow

Video: Motorola: Megan in the tub

Video: Budweiser: Human Bridge

Video: GoDaddy: Too Hot

Video: Dr. Pepper Cherry: Little Kiss

Video: Hyundai: Old Favre

Video: Snickers: Betty White

Video: Bud Light: Bringin' the T-Pain

Video: Bud Light: Bringin' the T-Pain

Video: Denny's: Birthday

Video: Doritos: Gym Ninja

Video: FLO TV: Don't miss a thing

Video: CareerBuilder: Underwear

Video: Bud Light: Book Club

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Video: Coca Cola: Sleep walk

Video: Budweiser: Clydesdale's new friend

Video: Volkswagen: Stevie Wonder

Video: Audi: Green Police

Video: Monster: Job Hunt

Video: E*Trade: Baby Love Triangle

Video: Denny's: Chickens freaking out

Video: Bridgestone: Tires or Wife

Video: Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret: Awesome

Video: The Griswolds

Video: E*Trade: Upgrade

Video: Vizio: Internet Apps

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Video: Doritos: It's a miracle!

Video: Bud Light: Stranded

Video: kgb: I Surrender

Video: Honda: Accord Crosstour

Video: Thank you

Video: Dante's Inferno

Video: Taco Bell: $5 Buck Box

Video: Hyundai: Crowd Surfing

Video: Denny's free Grand Slam

Video: Google: Search On

Video: Bud Light: Light house

Video: FLO TV: My Generation

Video: Dockers: Wear the Pants

Video: Census 2010

Video: McDonald's: LeBron and Dwight

Video: Bridgestone: Shamu

Video: Michelob Ultra: Lance Armstrong

Video: Boost Mobile Shuffle

Video: Trailer: Alice in Wonderland

Video: Intel Robot

Video: Bud Light: Asteroid

Video: Dodge Charger: Man's last stand

Video: Dove: Comfortable in your own skin

Video: Budweiser: Select 55

Video: NFL Network: Seasons

Video: Trailer: Shutter Island

Video: Trailer: The Wolfman

Video: Trailer: Prince of Persia

Video: Hyundai: Better Paint

Video: Doritos: Watch Yourself

Video: Trailer: Robin Hood

Video: Growing up

Video: Dead Flowers

Video: Doritos: Dog collar

Video: Trailer: The Back-up Plan

Video: Trailer: The Last Airbender

Video: Papa John's delivers

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