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Say What? An African American Women’s Womb Is Dangerous?

Post by yeahshesaidit in HelloBeautiful Original on Oct 19, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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“The Most Dangerous Place for An African American is in the Womb.” That statement alone, can be insulting to millions of African American mothers around the world. Combine it with a picture of a little Black girl and it is cause for controversy. It reinforces the stereotype that African American mothers are the worst mothers of all ethnicities. The words are followed by a picture of a small African American child. The company behind it is Heroic Media, a faith-based non-profit out of Austin Texas that promotes alternatives to abortion. The billboard was paid for by ticket sales from an event in Jacksonville, featuring Sarah Palin.

The company says that the purpose behind the billboard it is to let people know, African American women in particular that there are other alternatives to unwanted pregnancies other than abortion. “While African Americans make up thirteen percent of the population in America, they represent 36 percent of the abortions in the United States,” says Marissa Gabrysch from Heroic Media. “In the African American community, twice as many deaths have occurred due to abortions than the combined totals of violent crime, cancer, heart disease and AIDS,” she continues.

While I respect Heroic Media’s license to free speech and their opinions about abortion, I do not appreciate their attempt at spreading their message at the expense of being disrespectful towards the African American women who are handling their business as mothers. Something about the ad seemed to be judgmental and stereotypical. The tone went beyond statistics and numbers and came off as an attempt to demoralize African American mothers overall.

When Does Idolization Go Too Far?

Reading that statement one could go beyond relating it to abortion only and take it as them implying that any child who is born to an African American mother better pray to the heavens because… To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt

Quote Via: The Grio

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