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You and your man have called it quits but you’ve decided you want him back or maybe you’ve never stopped wanting him. You’re tired of thinking ‘what if’; and if you hear one more silly love song reminding you of how much you miss him, you can’t be held accountable for want may happen.

Although break-ups are difficult, sometimes it doesn’t mean your relationship is completely over; and if major moral violations haven’t been broken there’s a high chance that you can mend your broken relationship.  Of course nothing is guaranteed; but if you’re serious about rekindling your romance, following these 10 tips to win back your man is definitely worth the attempt.


Let me break it down: Don’t call, text, tweet, or send messages by friends.

After a breakup, most times we want to talk about it or attempt to rekindle the romance too fast. Space is sometimes the best thing. I remember when my ex- boyfriend and I would have an argument. I wanted to talk about things immediately after. But being slightly more logical than me, he would suggest we cool off and talk about it later because we may emotionally say things we would regret. As the stubborn, ‘wonderful’ girlfriend I was, I frequently declined his offer and would proceed to talk anyway. Of course I ended up saying things I regretted and didn’t even actually mean.

The same applies with break-ups, sometimes it’s best to let time heal a wound before attempting to speak. Time and space can work a type of magic that humans just can’t do.


This sounds simple and is pretty self-explanatory, yet it’s probably the hardest yet most critical thing to do before deciding to get your man back.

This basically means (in sister to sister terms): honey, you’ve got to work on you first.

During this time, stop blaming yourself, cease pointing fingers at him, try to figure out the real reason you’ve broken up. Is it really the best thing for the both of you?  Once you get your emotions in check you can make a better decision of whether this relationship is worth pursuing at all. So as hard as it is, attempt to make a decision with your mind and ask your heart to ‘chill out’ for just a while.

If you decide you still want to get your ex back after you’ve forgiven him, yourself, and every other thing or person you thought ruined your relationship, then proceed to #3-10.

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