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I used to think my friends were, you know, my friends, until they started posting the worst pictures ever of me on Facebook. Yeah, I know you might look cute in this shot, but I look like a half-asleep armadillo, thanks.

It seemed like I had two options: avoid said friends and basically anyone wielding a camera, or get some expert help so I could not look like walking road kill in photos. I went with the later and decided to share these tips with you (since that’s what real friends do):

Step 1: Come prepared

Half the battle of looking your best in photos is prep work. This means getting your makeup looking flawless, but still totally subtle, with these tips (note: blush is your best friend in photos), and your hair camera-ready with this expert help. Also, try wearing light or bright-colored tops, they add extra light to your face, something we can all use when we’re taking pictures in a dimly-lit bar.

Another thing that helps: practice. Yes, it’s totally lame, but spend some time with a friend snapping photos of each other. You can try out different poses and smiles and come up with your go-to look so you’re ready the second a camera is in your face. Just make a pact ahead of time not to post any of them on Facebook.

Step 2: Strike a pose

While you may not be able to avoid some candid pics, you can at least know how to stand for those ever-present group shots. First off, don’t have your back against a wall, it gives you weird shadows. Next, try putting one foot slightly in front of the other and putting your hand on your hip. Then raise your chin very slightly. All of this will give you a long and lean look. And please don’t bend over in group shots — for some reason we all feel compelled to do this and it always looks super-awkward. Just say no.

Step 3: Show them who’s boss

Sometimes you have to channel your inner diva and give the “photographer” a little, uh, direction. For example, if someone is taking a close up of your face, tell them to have the camera slightly above your head and angled down — it’ll make your face look thinner. Or for full-length shots, make sure the person is a few feet back and holding the camera at about your chest height.

If they try to argue, just tell them that this advice came from celebrity photographer Bryan Bedder, who’s photographed the Olsen twins, Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, the list goes on but that should be enough to make them listen.

Source: Yahoo Shine