As the holidays are upon us, many of us are single. We say that we are “okay” with being single. However, in reality the truth is we are lonely especially around the holidays.

Most of us singles want someone to go to parties with, shopping, sharing presents, and family celebrations. Doing these things alone is especially difficult during the holiday festivities when in the company of others who are a couple and happy; which reminds us of the fact that we are not “coupled”.

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In my own personal life, I am now divorced, a single mom and struggle with loneliness and some depression during the holidays. I currently have no one special in my life and I miss the times when I do have someone even if it is a date or two.

People think well, you have much going for you, a wonderful child, and a roof over your head, food in my belly, a car that runs, family, and friends. Although, yes these things are wonderful, but it still does not take away the loneliness that is felt every holiday season.

In our society, there are couples and singles. Singles sometimes have more freedoms compared to couples. Couples have the human companionship of another adult with whom they spend time with daily by communication, email, and bonding time, whereas singles do not always have that option available.

There are some simple suggestions one can utilize that may help to ease this tough time and they are:

  • Be kind to yourself


  • Have realistic expectations during the holidays – look for peace not glory


  • Acknowledge your feelings


  • Do something for someone else


  • Write a list of good things in your life and about you


  • Make plans


From my experience, I have done the above suggestions, sometimes it works, and other times it does not. One day is great, I am smiling, and another day I am not.

Emotions are a roller coaster.

Just remember, that this tough time will begin to ease year after year, although it never completely goes away if you are single for a long time.

To all of us singles out there, we are people too; we deserve to have love and companionship just as much as couples do.

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