The 5 Most-Common Lies Guys Tell, and Why

by, on Sun Jan 2, 2011 10:06pm PST

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Whether he lies to protect his butt or to protect your feelings, chances are, your guy’s not above telling a few fibs to get through the day. We had real guys dish to us about the most common lies they tell (and why!).

1. “No Way, You Don’t Look Fat in That!”

“Whenever my girlfriend asks how she looks before we go out, my answer is always, ‘You look hot!’ Because once I tried to tell her that her skintight dress made her look a little like a hooker (hey, I didn’t mind!), and she threw my cell phone at me and broke it.” —Lance, 24

“I love my wife, but I hate when she asks my opinion on the ‘trendy’ outfits she buys. What do I know about fashion? If I leave the house with two matching socks, that’s a fashionable day for me. My answer’s always, ‘You look great!’ because as long as she thinks she looks good, it doesn’t really matter what I think.” —Michael, 42

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2. “I Don’t Mind When You Use My Razor.”

“Some things are just sacred to a man, and his shaving products are among those things. There are few things in life as satisfying as a good, clean shave, and I just can’t enjoy it quite as much when I know where my (now dull) razor’s been.” —Jayson, 33

“I’d definitely say that my razor’s the one beauty/grooming product that I don’t want to share with my wife. Shampoo, soap, shaving cream — it’s all good, just please stay away from the razor! I’ve never bought as many razor blades as I have since I got married.” —David, 37

3. “I So Was Not Checking Out That Chick’s Boobs.”

“If you think your boyfriend just checked out another woman, he probably did. I’m just being honest! We don’t mean to do it; it’s almost 100% unconscious.” —Omar, 26

“My wife’s always calling me out on what she calls ‘Booby Jobs,’ or checking out other women’s…ahem, cleavage. She’ll say, ‘Saw that “Booby Job” you just did, nice work!’ Luckily, we can joke about it, because she realizes it’s an unconscious thing that doesn’t reflect on her.” —Colm, 39

4. “I’m Five Minutes Away.”

“I’m usually on my way when I say things like, ‘I’ll be there in a minute!’ It’s easier than estimating the actual amount of time it’s going to take me to get to where I’m going.” —Paul, 34

“I never know how long it’s going to take me to get from point A to point B. Five minutes? Ten? Twenty? It’ll take me however long it takes me. I just usually make up some bulls— about ‘getting there in 10.’ It’s worked for me so far!” —Kevin, 25

5. “I’m Sorry.”

“Sometimes, I have absolutely no idea why my girlfriend’s mad at me. When this happens, my go-to phrase is, ‘Baby, I’m so sorry. I was wrong.’ Doesn’t matter what I’m apologizing for.” —Zach, 29

“I don’t always mean it when I tell my wife that I’m sorry. Most of the times, I just apologize to end an argument.” —Ed, 54

The Bottom Line: Almost every guy we talked to said that they only told white lies to protect their partner’s feelings. And let’s be honest, ladies. Are we really expecting a truthful answer to the “Does this make me look fat?” question? Sometimes, especially after we’ve entered the land of spandex, honesty just isn’t the best policy.