Daily SMH: Uncle Beats Nephew for Being Facebook Thug (VIDEO)

by Andreas Hale Posted Jan 6th 2011 12:44PM

We don’t know whether we should applaud, SMH or LOL over this video of a man giving his nephew a whoopin’ on video for the Internet to see for being a fake thug on Facebook.

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The Internet is a place where you can be anyone you want to be, except if you’re this man’s nephew.

“This for all of y’all people on Facebook,” the man with his shirt off and a belt in his hand starts the video by saying. “Y’all parents, you need to stop this senseless f—ing crimes, all this gang bang sh-t.” 240


Uh oh. What has this young teen — who is sheepishly cowering in the background — done to draw the ire of this man?

“This is my f—ing nephew right here,” he says as he points the belt at the boy. “He ain’t no gang member, we don’t come from that sh-t.”

He then tells the boy to speak to the camera and tell everyone that his gangster lifestyle on Facebook is nothing more than a facade.

“All that is fake,” the boy says.

But then the golden words spill out of his uncle’s mouth.

“…but this ass whoopin’ isn’t going to be fake!”

We knew there was a reason he had that belt. And at that point, this man goes to whip his nephew on video to not only embarrass him but to also show him that being a fake thug gets you nothing but a raw butt whoopin’.

What makes this video classic — aside from the fact that a parental figure is handling his kid for potentially endangering his own life by acting like something he’s not on the Internet — is how every lash of the belt comes with a powerful (and hilarious) catch phrase.

“Whap, whap, whap”

“Get that on Facebook!”

“Whap, whap, whap”

“Facebook that!”

“Whap, whap, whap”

The boy then comes clean after he had been online telling Facebook that he was a killer. Apparently, the kid made some statements that he was out on the block dropping bodies when he was really at home surfing the Internet. Once caught, his uncle knew he had to do something drastic to ensure that his teenage nephew understands the error in his ways. This beating was — in his mind — the perfect way to prevent the boy from pulling a stunt like this ever again.

“And if I catch you on Facebook saying anything — I don’t give a f–k if it’s happy birthday — I’m whooping your ass!” he says.

As the kid probably realizes that he truly screwed up, his uncle leaves the room with the statement of the year.

“Now put that on your f—ing wall!”


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