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What Really Happen  to Tiger Woods that dreaded night ?


A newly released document shows that the ambulance crew prevented Elin Woods from riding with her husband to the hospital, believing it was a case of domestic violence, but police found no evidence to support this.

Windermere police, the first to arrive at the scene of the crash last November, found Tiger Woods lying on the pavement and his wife hovering over him, according to the records.

During the public apology on Feb. 19 the golfer said his wife had not attacked him.

Elin told Windermere Officer Brandon McDonnell that she heard the crash and got into a golfcart to drive to the scene.

Her husband’s Cadillac Escalade had come to a standstill after traveling 150 feet and striking a tree in a neighbor’s front yard.

Elin broke out the rear window of the SUV using a golfclub then helped her husband get out of the vehicle, she told the police. According to FHP records, while Tiger was leaning against her he collapsed onto the pavement.

The golfclub Elin said was used to break out the glass was found near the driver’s door.

The golfer was unconscious and shoeless when police arrived on the scene. Before the ambulance carried him away neighbors brought a blanket and pillow and Elin brought him a pair of socks.

Another officer asked Elin if Tiger had been drinking, which she denied but she told the officer that the golfer took Vicodin earlier that day, but did not provide a specific time.

McDonnell told troopers that he did not smell alcohol on Tiger Woods or in the SUV.

Woods’ home has four security cameras and Woods’ lawyer told troopers he would provide them with the video but never did.

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