2 cops are in hot water after they are caught on camera beating up black man during the arrest.

The mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, has now called for more training on the appropriate use of force by police.

Thankfully a security video captured the the beating. According to cops, undercover officers outside a nightclub chased 29 year old Travarious Daniel after watching him take the keys of a parked car and take a GPS, a Dell computer and cigarettes that he then put into his own car.

Mr Daniel, who had worked at the nightclub as a security guard, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen goods and breaking and entering into a vehicle.

Ok we’re with cops on the arrest but in the video Daniel appears to raise his hands in surrender as a white police officer throws him to the ground and beats him on the back and head. A second officer also appears to strike Daniel.

Back in January, a jury cleared 2 Birmingham cops of brutality charges in another incident. In that case, a total of 5 white officers were seen beating a black man in a video that surfaced in 2009. All five officers were fired, but the two officers who were acquitted are now trying to get their jobs back.


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