User post: Is It Ever OK to Tell A Married Man That You Love Them??


Can you tell me if it is ever okay to send a male friend that is married an email saying that you love them?  My husband has a female friend that emailed him a message that said in the subject line “I Love You” and then the message said “SOOOO MUCH”.

They have only been friends for a few months and are both married.  They both said that it’s just a friendship and I talked to her and let her know that I did not think that it was appropriate yet she says that she does love my husband as a friend.  But here’s the kicker, my husband and I are having problems in our marriage and are working on our marriage and she knows this. 

So do you think that it’s ever appropriate to tell a married person that YOU LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH?  I think this crosses a line.  Am I over reacting?

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