Is It Ever Okay To Submit To Your Partner?

I was recently asked by one of my readers if I felt that submitting in a relationship or to another person was a bad thing? It can definitely be a challenge for both men and women alike. For some, submitting is allowing yourself to place trust in another person. For others, it equates to being ran over and treated badly for the sake of being in a relationship with the person. This jilted definition is where the fear of submission comes from for some people. Almost every woman I have ever met has either been there or is currently living in that state of mind.

I’m happy to say that I have outgrown my fear of submission in a relationship. However, let me clarify what my definition of submission is as of 2010. Submission when it comes to romance is the act of placing trust into your partner without loosing who you are in the meanwhile. It is the act of loving someone to the fullest but always loving yourself more.  Submission is being comfortable with giving all of your love and affection to this person without reserve. Submission is knowing that winning every argument in order to stroke your own ego is not always necessary while simultaneously knowing what is so nonnegotiable to you that it is worth fighting for. Submission is being willing to give to another person all that they are worth while receiving it in return.