5 ways technology can ruin your relationship

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Be careful how you use technology if you want to keep your man! Credit:, Alvimann

In most cases, technology is considered to be a good thing. I can’t count the times I have felt grateful for having a cellphone and the Internet. The downside of technology is the speed at which a mistake can be made. If you’re in a relationship, just one quick slip, and you could broadcast a horrible mistake to the one person you were trying to keep it from. Here is a look at some common technology mistakes that could ruin your relationship.

Facebook photo tagging

There is nothing more guaranteed to cause problems in your relationship than a tagged photo of you in a compromising position with someone who isn’t your boyfriend. It could have been something as innocent as a guy’s hand momentarily appearing to be in an inappropriate place, or as bad as a drunken kiss with a stranger. The obvious solution would be not to drink so much that you cheat on your boyfriend. However, if you do, you will need to make sure you hide the incriminating evidence where it can never be found.

Texting the wrong person

In my late teens, I had a friend who occasionally used her youth as an excuse to flirt with other guys even though she was in a relationship. This backfired on her one day when she accidentally sent a cheeky message to her boyfriend which was meant for someone else. Her boyfriend didn’t listen to any of her explanations and promptly broke up with her. Perhaps not everyone will consider a naughty text message to be cheating, but it’s usually best to avoid it just to be on the safe side!

Blogging your relationship problems

As an avid blogger, I have to be very careful not to let any of my own boyfriend drama spill out into the world in a moment of annoyance. It’s one thing to be open and honest, but another to make a bad situation worse by telling the world how awful your man can be sometimes. All men have their bad points and every couple will have a fight at some point. Fact. But try to find a better way to channel your anger than a blog rant.

The revealing photo revealed

There are so many ways that revealing photographs can ruin your relationship. A few years ago, TV presenter Vernon Kay tweeted a photo of his wife, Tess Daly in a bikini to show off her post-baby body. Tess was less than impressed. Although it wasn’t worthy of initiating divorce proceedings, it is probably best to get permission before tweeting out photos of your man in his underwear!

Taking comments out of context

All comments on social networking sites should be taken with a pinch of salt. Even if the people posting on your guy’s page are his real life friends, they will often be far more daring with their words online than they would be face to face. Spotting comments on his page by other girls can easily be taken to mean more than they really do. Take it from me, much damage can be done by picking fights over remarks that meant nothing.

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