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Chaka Khan received her long overdue star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame during a ceremony yesterday that included her family and good friend Stevie Wonder.

“We’re all very excited for Chaka,” Stevie told the crowd before breaking into an acapella version of her hit “Tell Me Something Good,” which he wrote for her in 1974.

“Oh my god,” Khan said. “I’m like, oh, hell to the no. This is so fabulous. I am so honored. I don’t … do I deserve this? All I’m doing is what I love to do.”

“Singing is my sanity,” she added. “That is the way I stay as balanced as I possibly can, if you want to call this a balance. The best thing that you can do is to do something that you love and believe in. This is a blessing. This is another jewel in a crown of many jewels that I wear spiritually.”

“When I told a lot of people I was getting my star, they said ‘you ain’t got no star? I thought you had a star 20 years ago!’” she said.

Khan received the 2,440th star in the Recording category and it is located at 6623 Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the My Studio nightclub in Los Angeles.