Guess who the most powerful celebrity in the world is? It’s not Oprah. It’s …  Lady Gaga.

As the daytime television talk show host ends her show, she has now fallen to the number 2 spot on Forbes “Celebrity 100” list and Lady Gaga is at the top.

According to the money magazine, Gaga earned $90 million in the past year along with 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million followers.

Oprah still made more money at $290 million last year, but as far as her social media… she’s not really up to par. But Oprah never stays in second place for too long. She might just make it back to the top.

Other names on the list include: Justin Bieber who is at No. 3, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio. CLICK HERE to check out the full list.