Speed Dating?! 4 Reasons Why You Should Try It


By Ekaterina Lalo, BounceBack Editorial Staff

Even if you’re willing and ready to start dating again after a relationship breakup, you often have no idea where to begin. On the one hand, you feel tired of being lonely; on the other hand, you are afraid to be hurt again and have trouble trusting another person. Weeks, months, and in some cases even years have passed, and you still haven’t mustered up the courage to go on that first date.

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If you find yourself stuck in the post-breakup, pre-dating situation and want to move forward, consider speed dating. Many people talk about speed dating jokingly, as if it can’t produce real results. In fact, it’s excellent practice and a fabulous way to get you comfortable in your dating-again shoes. Here are 4 reasons why: 

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1. Opportunity to meet a lot of people at once. Instead of meeting one person at a time, you can talk to ten or more potential dates. It multiplies your chances to find a partner and allows you to be selective.

2. So many options, so little time. You will not have another chance to meet as many people within an hour unless you are chatting with them online. As opposed to Internet matching, speed dating hooks you up with real people you can look at and find out if there’s any chemistry going on.


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3. No commitment at all. When you arrange a date via phone or e-mail, there is usually a follow-up message after every date, which is sometimes uncomfortable if you didn’t like the person and the man/woman was crazy about you. With speed dating, there is nothing of the kind. No one will get your contact information until you agree to have a follow-up date, and most likely, you will never see these people again.

4. Indicator of readiness. Speed dating is a good way to see whether or not you are prepared for a new relationship. It allows you to determine if you can imagine yourself being with a new partner or if you realize that you are still not over your ex.

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Even if speed dating doesn’t seem to be your “thing”, try it out. It will get you back in the swing of things – quickly – and it’s a great first step on the way to a new relationship. Who knows, in all the rush, you may walk out of there on your way to something special.

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