Brian McKnight has crafted a long-term career based on his musical talent and keen songwriting, an accomplishment that stands out now in this youth-obsessed, hip-hop dominant, technologically-based music era. McKnight’s done things the old-fashioned way: By honing his craft and creating music that his fan base appreciates.

It’s pretty shocking that, despite his success and the multitude of hits, he’s had over a lengthy period of time, McKnight has yet to walk away with a Grammy Award. Maybe when everything you do is successful, even your peers take you for granted.

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BORN: Brian McKnight in Buffalo, NY.

BIG BREAK: Being born in a musical family. He and his brothers formed a gospel quartet while Brian, the youngest, was still pretty young. When McKnight’s older brother, Claude, a member of Take 6, got signed, Brian was encouraged to test the waters for himself and signed to Mercury Records at 19.

EDUCATION: Sweet Home High School in Amherst, NY and Oakwood Academy in Huntsville, AL.

BACK STORY: By high school, McKnight was already leading his high school band.

RESUME: McKnight’s list of collaborators over his career include a who’s who of musicians in multiple genres, including Mary J. Blige, Vanessa Williams, Canibus, Diddy, Justin Bieber, Kirk Franklin, Boyz II Men, Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Rascal Flatts, Talib Kweli and more.

FUN FACT: Well, maybe not fun for him, but McKnight has been nominated a record 16 times and has yet to win a Grammy Award.

LATEST WORK: “Just Me,” a two-CD set with a full studio album and a bonus live CD.