R. Kelly has released his new video “Radio Message and it’s about the “baby boo” that broke up with him.  Of course, he feels regretful for lying to her and puts himself shamelessly out on the line (and radio waves) singing: “this is a radio message to my babbbbyyyy.”

The sneaky, but romantic, thing Kellz does is pretend to be a contest winner; he starts singing instead of saying “thanks” for winning radio tickets.

His ex-girl hears the song while in the car with her girls; their relationship woes are now for the whole city to hear! The poor girl jumps out the car overwhelmed by embarrassment and heads for the park. As she tries to clear her head, she realizes R. Kelly’s pleas for her are inescapable.

Having a man beg for you back is a grand gesture but, don’t guarantee it will not happen again.

So ladies, when is it the right time to forgive?

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