3 Things to stop doing in your relationship


Every relationship has its recurring problems, but we all do some common things that can trigger unnecessary conflict. Here are three of the top relationship saboteurs to stop in their tracks right now.

1 – Thinking you know everything

Maybe you do have all the answers, but constantly interrupting your guy to point out mistakes in whatever he’s saying only frustrates him. Everyone’s entitled to his opinion (even if it doesn’t match yours), so try to avoid being a know-it-all in your relationship.

Correcting someone when he’s blatantly wrong is one thing, but always interjecting your opinions and ways of doing things gets old fast.

2 – Not communicating

You have to communicate with your partner if you want your relationship to work. If you’re upset about something, tell your partner what’s bothering you, rather than holding it in or expecting him to figure it out. The same goes for him: If you sense he’s upset, ask him what’s going on. Discussing problems in your relationship is not always easy, but doing so brings you closer.

In contrast, holding things in only pulls you apart.

3 – Making it all about you

This is an easy trap to fall into, because even realizing you’re doing it is hard. But watch yourself as you’re talking with your partner: If you’re turning every discussion into one about you, try to curb that tendency.

Relationships are about equal give and take, so avoid hogging the spotlight.


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