Want to maintain your relationship? Here are a few tips that may help.

6. Trying new things. There really isn’t a nice way to say that after being in a long term relationship for so long things tend to get pretty boring. So its’ a constant struggle to try new things whether it be new ideas for dates or spicy ideas for sex everything counts and it all works in your favor in creating a fun relationship.

5. Setting your pride aside. Some times you will have to put your pride to the side, go against what you really want for once in the relationship and agree to disagree (this also goes with compromise). If your partner is really observing, he’ll remember this and love you more for it.

4. Compromise. Relationships are a two way street. It’s all about giving and receiving. You give a little of something once, they receive it and vice versa. You can’t just expect gifts if you never give them yourself, as with respect, you can’t receive respect if you don’t give it.

3. Make it mutual. A relationship cannot be a relationship with just one person. It has to be a mutual agreement

2. Communication. There is no doubt in my mind that this is something you have heard many times before, but as they say “communication is key.” Be mindful that often times in relationships we can get so comfortable with our partner, that we forget that although you may know your partner well, we are not mind readers. Therefore,  it should come as no surprise that whatever you are feeling at the moment, you have to speak on it. You have to speak up whether you’re hurt, happy or angry.

1. Faith. Nothing, and I do mean nothing will work if you don’t have faith first.

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