A dozen years ago a KKK rally in downtown Cleveland stirred up a whole lot of controversy and raw emotions.

Now the group is at the center of a new debate on a very old issue.

People in South Euclid are angry. They are upset at a Sun Paper Sun Fact that they believe is no fun fact. A note that in 1923 according to South Euclid history the KKK burned a fiery cross and held a bed sheet parade at the corner of Mayfield and Green. It went on to say there was not a police officer in sight.

You may ask the question why all the upset about something that happened at that corner 88 years ago. It largely has to do with a lack on context. A feeling that the article memorialized what South Euclid used to be not what it has become.

“To print anything about the KKK and they were domestic terrorists out of context is wrong and it should not be celebrated,” said Sen. Nina Turner.

The point here was to underscore the point that South Euclid is a diverse community. Many races under one umbrella, a community where people get along and are proud of it.

“We are a very diverse community we don’t represent any one group or sect of people we represent people,” said Ruth Gray.

The group protesting wants an apology for the lack of context in the Sun Fact and for the KKK reference not being presented in a educational format that would show the progress not just the past.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News