Why It’s Worth The Effort To Save Troy Davis From Execution

ATLANTA— Supporters of a high-profile death row inmate were making a last-ditch effort Monday to stop his execution for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer, asking the Georgia pardons board to grant clemency the 42-year-old who insists, along with others, that he is innocent.

Race To Save Troy! FBI, Sharpton Protest Controversial Execution

The five-member Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has the power to change death sentences but rarely does. It was considering arguments surrounding Troy Davis, who claims he is innocent of killing Mark MacPhail. He’s set to be put to death by injection Wednesday, the fourth time in four years the state has tried to execute him.

Why It’s Worth The Effort To Save Troy Davis From Execution

Dozens of Davis’ supporters rallied outside the government building where the parole board met. They hoisted a massive “Save Troy Davis” sign and formed a makeshift drum line at one entrance to the building. At another entrance, other supporters were holding a somber prayer vigil on his behalf.

NAACP Joins The Fight To Save Troy Davis

Davis has captured worldwide attention because of the doubt his supporters have raised over whether he killed MacPhail, who was shot to death while rushing to help a homeless man who had been attacked. Several of the witnesses who helped convict him at his 1991 trial have backed off their testimony or recanted. Others who did not testify say another man at the scene admitted to the shooting. Read More

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