8 Things Women Love (And Hate) About Facial Hair


By Chiara Atik for

Sure, some women are more into beards than others, but whether we like our men clean-shaven or scruffy, there are some traits women find universally appealing — and annoying — about facial hair.

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Things Women Hate About Facial Hair

1. Leaving stubble in the sink. So annoying to have to see little black stubble in the sink while you brush your teeth or wash your face in the morning. How hard is it to just rinse?

2. Scratchy chins Many women are really into the gruff, 5 o’clock shadow look… but it’s not exactly pleasant to the touch. It’s not unusual for us to call a make-out session short because we’re starting to suffer from cheek burn.

3. The Vicious Beard/No Beard Cycle There are guys who, like clockwork, every 3 months will catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror and say “I’m thinking about growing my beard out again…” and then they’ll grow it out, remember how much upkeep it is, shave it all off, and then start to grow it back in another three months. We think guys look hot with or without…but it’s the in-between stages that are hard to live through.

4. Food In The Beard Do you remember “The Twits” by Roald Dahl? So do we. Every time you eat.

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Things Women Love About Facial Hair

1. Positive Associations Aside from Mr. Twit, we have a lot of positive associations with beards. Something about a well-groomed beard makes us think of such distinguished gentlemen as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway, and Zeus. It also (probably falsely) gives us the impression that you would be able to build a cabin in the woods and hunt for food if there was a nuclear apocalypse of some sort.

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2. Beards Are Soft Stubble hurts…but a beard doesn’t hurt. It’s usually soft, and nice to stroke.

3. Instant Chameleon It’s amazing how a beard can so utterly change how a guy looks. When a guy shaves his beard after growing it out for a few months, it’s sort of like having a brand new boyfriend.

4. Shaving Is Sexy Something about seeing a guy lather up and shave in the morning is both comforting and sexy. Bonus points if he uses cool tools like a shaving brush. Extra bonus points if he lets his girlfriend try shaving for him.