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Old school rapper Busta Rhymes was put on blast when one of his jumpoffs started a blog blasting him for infecting her with herpes. Back in the day, word on the street was that he had a sex tape with a well known tranny floating around, and this is how he got herpes!!!!!!

Here’s what she had to say:

My words are 100% the truth and from the heart so help me GOD. I apologize in advance if I skip around I just have so much to say.

I’m feeling so many emotions right now about finally setting up this blog. The most overwhelming feeling is relief and a sense that I’m doing the right thing by sharing this information. I wish that I had read a blog like this prior to me making the worst decision of my life that has caused me extreme physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Believe me when I tell you that this virus is something you never ever want to catch and I got a bad virulent strain because Busta is toxic and nasty as hell.

The rumor that has been floating around about Busta Rhymes having herpes is true.

He infected me with hsv-2 some years back and I’m 1000% sure that he knew that he had it based on him having a bad cold when we hooked up, and his reaction when I let him know that he gave me something. I felt really sick right after being intimate with him in a way that I had never felt before in my life.

I feel a lawsuit coming in on 5, 4,3……


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