Attacking her baby weight head on, Mel B announced earlier today that she is the new face of Jenny Craig in both Australia and New Zealand.

Since giving birth to her daughter Madison a few weeks ago, Mel B has signed on to become the face of Jenny Craig in Australia and New Zealand saying,

‘I love my humps and bumps, but when a newspaper described my shape as the ‘bootylicious, curvylicious, post-baby body of Melanie, I knew I had to do something. I had to get the eating under control.’

Although most people would look at Mel and say,

“What baby weight!” she sees it differently saying she wants to lose 33 pounds. I was eating literally eating morning, noon and night, and its didn’t matter what time. I was just eating. I was a house…..I really allowed myself the chance to pig out during this pregnancy, so I’ve got a bit of weight to lose.”

While in Sydney for the breakfast launch of her new ad campaign, Mel shared that getting in shape isn’t just for vanity…..she’s doing it for her family.

‘Life gets a bit crazy when you’ve got four daughters but it’s important for us mums to live healthy and to be in good shape. Mums really need to take time for themselves and get to a place where they are happy with their body again. We should not put it off because we deserve more than that. I healthy happy mum equals a healthy happy family.’

Source: theybf