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Ever since Beyonce announced she was pregnant, there have been loads of rumors surrounding the ever-changing size of her bump.

Is she pregnant but using extra padding for publicity? Is she not pregnant and going to pass off the baby of someone else as her own? Now another person has come forward to add fuel to the pregnancy-rumor fire.

Word is Beyonce’s dad offered to buy a baby for Beyonce and Jay Z to raise as their own and there’s an alleged tape floating around to prove it! The woman Mathew reportedly made this offer to is Alexsandra Wright, the woman he knocked up while married to Beyonce and Solange’s mom Tina.

Alexsandra (seen below) had an 18-month affair with the singer’s father. Obviously, she told him no. But “when he realized that it wasn’t going to happen, he offered me more money to leave the Knowles name off the birth certificate,” she dishes to Star Magazine. (That didn’t happen, either: Nixon Alexander Knowles Wright was born Feb. 4, 2010.)

According to Star Magazine, Alexsandra reaction was:

My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay Z was, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ Nothing in this world, no amount of money, would make me give up my child. You can’t BUY my child from me.”

Alexsandra reportedly has a tape of Mathew making the offer to buy her baby. There’s obviously a chance that Alexsandra is just using her connection to Beyonce to score some quick cash and publicity. But given all the speculation about Beyonce’s pregnancy (or lack thereof), there’s also a chance she could be telling the truth.

 Mathew seems kind of shady in general: It has been rumored for years that Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child cohort, Kelly Rowland, is actually Mathew’s daughter from an extramarital affair, and his business dealings led to both Beyonce and Kelly firing him as their manager.

If he didn’t have a problem moving his (alleged) love child Kelly into his family home when she was young, then he could definitely have floated this idea.

You know we’ll keep you posted if this alleged tape surfaces! Oh snap this is getting juicier and juicier! Scandalous