Johnny Gill said that the New Edition reality show isn’t a reality just yet.

Did Bobby Brown jump the gun when he announced that the ’80s boy band would be getting its own series?

As Johnny told S2S on Monday, the idea of a reality show has only been tossed around, but nothing has been finalized at this time. “There’s been talk about all that kind of stuff, but I’m not sure where I sit on it just yet,” Johnny admitted to us. “We’re looking at the possibilities and I know that a lot has been talked about.”

Production hasn’t started mainly because no contracts have been signed, and Johnny himself is cautious about putting his life on camera. “I’m not very keen on reality shows and how much involvement i would have in it. I’m not sure,” Johnny told S2S.

So does that mean that Johnny would never do reality TV show? “[I] don’t mind doing television, but what can we do that’s different?” he asked. The singer feels that the airwaves are flooded with reality shows, so he would want there to be something distinctive about a New Edition reality show.

“Everybody’s doing reality shows,” Johnny explained. “At some point, we need something different, and I’d like to be at the forefront of  doing something different.”

The crooner, who just released his new album, Still Winning, “would love to” be on the creative side of a TV project, if the opportunity came along.

For now, Jonny’s super busy promoting his new album, which has reached  #2 on the  charts. Still Winning marks Johnny’s return to the spotlight as a solo artist after 16 years of releasing material as part of New Edition and LSG.

“Our goal was just to make great music, good music, solid music, and we hoped that everyone would just enjoy,” Johnny said. With it’s current standing, we’d say “mission accomplished!”

But even with rave reviews, the singer still thinks there is much to be done. “I’d say we’re halfway there with our goal,” said Johnny, who still feels there’s more work to be done before he feels Still Winning could be counted as a bona fide success.

Keep in mind, though, that he’s saying this as copies of Still Winning are flying off the shelves at retailers across the country. The album is selling so well that some shops can’t keep it in stock.

“I’m getting more calls and more tweets about not being able to find the record in the stores. It’s the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen,” said Johnny, but he feels that his hard work is being well-rewarded. “I made a conscious effort to make sure that when you put on the CD you should not have to hit the [skip] button at all.”

The music comes from a very sincere place for Johnny, who told S2S that his fiancée was his muse for much of the material on Still Winning. “When you look at the space that I’m in today, it’s all a part of the people I’ve had in my life that have inspired me,” he explained.