Believe it or not, there are still jobs to be had in this economy.

As a matter of fact, in several industries – from Manufacturing to Health Care – employers can’t find the right people to fill the jobs they have to offer.

Check out a few cities where jobs are still popping and the industries most likely to be looking for workers in each of those cities.

10. Portland, OR

Hottest Sectors: Health Care, Skilled Trade, Accounting and Food and Beverage

9. Minneapolis, MN

Hottest Sectors: Customer Service, Skilled Trade, Manufacturing, Sales

8. Charlotte, NC

Hottest Sectors: Sales, Administrative, Customer Service, Transportation

7. Denver, CO

Hottest Sectors: Transportation, Sales, Skilled Trade, Real Estate

6. Seattle, WA

Hottest Sectors: Marketing, Software, Health Care, Skilled Trade

5. Milwaukee, WI

Hottest Sectors: Skilled Trade, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Administrative

4. Cleveland, OH

Hottest Sectors: Manufacturing, Administrative, Transportation, Customer Service

3. Boston, MA

Hottest Sectors: Accounting, Food & Beverage, Administrative, Marketing

2. San Francisco, CA

Hottest Sectors: Software, Marketing, Non-Profit, Accounting

1. Washington, DC

Hottest Sectors: Food & Beverage, Health Care, Marketing and Sales SOURCE

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