So what’s the big deal about Bridget Kelly?

Sure she’s gorgeous. Sure she’s toured the world alongside Jay-Z, famously stepping in for Alicia Keys on ‘Empire State Of Mind’, and sure she’s got the powerful Roc Nation machine behind. But why should we care about her or her new EP ‘Every Girl’ that dropped last week? Well, because Bridget is just like you and here to say everything you want to, but can’t.

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We recently caught up with Bridget Kelly at SOB’s and she discussed everything from the Alicia Keys comparisons to what it’s like to work with Jay-z and her biggest fear. Check it out below:

Tell me about Bridget Kelly. Who are you?

Well I hate doing my hair and wearing underwear. I’m a storyteller. And I’m the strongest most vulnerable, raw and unpredictable treat served up on a plate.

Ha! Ok. No of course because most of the world first met you filling in for Alicia Keys on Jay’s ‘Empire State Of Mind’ – and not to mention your look and background (like Keys, Kelly is also biracial and from Manhattan) – how do you feel about the inevitable comparisons?

I love it. I love the Alicia comparisons. I think she’s brilliant. There’s no shame in being compared to Alicia. I’m a fan of her work and her movement and what she stands for for women.

Tell us about working with Jay-Z and being signed to his Roc Nation imprint.

I was signed to Roc Nation the same time as J. Cole. At the time I was sort of in a different space. I thought I wanted to do very emo rock music, sort of like Alanis Morrisette or Pink. But then I headed out on the BP3 tour and got to really learn the business and all the many many different parts that go into developing and selling an artist and the experience was quite humbling. My very first show as an artist was Madison Square Garden.

Wow! What have you learned form Jay?

I’ve learned a lot but the advice that’s stuck out the most came during a tour stop where I was sick and I sent him a text before the show letting him know that I was still going on but was under the weather. And he just said ‘It’s fine, just make sure no matter what, that you’re having fun.’ Jay has fun with everything that he does and that’s something I try to remember every day.

Your first EP just dropped. What’s the theme of ‘Every Girl’?

Every Girl is a series of stories about real life experiences that every woman goes through. Every Girl expresses a powerful vulnerability and says the things that we all want to say but probably shouldn’t. It speaks for women and says ‘I’m fragile but not broken and just because I’m crying doesn’t mean I’m weak.’ And sometimes letting go isn’t the same as giving up. It’s about expressing your fears.

What are you afraid of?

Hmmm. I think deep down inside I’m scared that as my career advances, I’m going to eventually forget the satisfaction of the simple pleasures in life. I never want to be the person that trades my real friends for friends with yachts.

Bridget Kelly is raw, candid, and perhaps more like every girl that you’d expect. Look for a video for the single ‘Seek & Destroy’ soon.

Source: Necole Bitchie