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Is Gayle King, who recently revealed a faux tattoo of 50 Cent, using her daytime talk show as her personal cougar dating pool? 

After 50 Cent appeared on Gayle’s show last week, the G-Unit front man took to Twitter to express his fondness for Oprah Winfrey’s best friend.

“She’s perfect. Her thighs define sexy, her hip’s are just right, her eyes talk to me. Oh and her A**,” he tweeted.

In turn, Gayle showed up to work the next day with a rather large fake tattoo of 50 Cent, who was once involved with Vivica A. Fox, another so-called cougar.

However, the National Enquirer reports that 50 isn’t the only young love in Gayle’s life. She’s reportedly been out with another guest, actor Anthony Mackie.

“Now Gayle is a desperate cougar,” an anonymous source told the Enquirer. 

“Gayle was shamelessly flirting with Anthony on the show, and afterward she practically begged him to take her to dinner. … She pouted and said, ‘No one wants to take me out!’”

“Anthony, being a gentleman, quickly responded that he would be proud to take her out,” the source said. “Gayle got excited and out to dinner they went.”

If 50 is as in love with Gayle as his tweets suggest, he may have some romantic competition in Anthony, but there’s been no word about 50 and Gayle going out to dinner together.

Although, Gayle’s tweets suggest they may have opted for something more intimate.

“See you at home. What do you want for dinner?” she tweeted.

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