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Actress Paula Patton shares her secrets to a successful marriage in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Complex magazine. The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star dishes on working with Tom Cruise, body confidence and her marriage to singer Robin Thicke and poses for a sexy photo shoot that will definitely make men even more jealous of her hubby, R&B singer Robin Thicke.

How does she run in those heels?

Patton tells the mag:

“Your wife should be your sex therapist,”  She adds: “If you’re not married, your girlfriend should be your sex therapist. If she’s not, then things aren’t going so well.”

COMPLEX: The two of you have been together for half of your life. For a couple in the public eye, that’s unheard of. How does it continue to work amidst all the stress of fame?

PAULA PATTON: There’s no recipe. There’s no other way to say it—it’s true desire. We’re crazy enough that we just keep wanting to be together. We just don’t not want to be with each other. [Laughs.] It doesn’t mean that we don’t have our ups and downs. We just don’t want to be with anyone else. That’s how we keep it together: desire.

COMPLEX: You two seem more comfortable than most celebrity couples discussing your relationship publicly. His very sexy “Lost Without You” video felt like a sneak peek into your bedroom.

PAULA PATTON: [Laughs.] I guess it’s because we were in love way before either of us encountered any of this celebrity stuff. We knew each other and loved each other way before any of this. There’s never been a sense of, OK, we shouldn’t talk about it to the press, because we’re in each other’s lives. I don’t know how to keep that a secret.

We love these two!


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