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Crotchless panties at a children’s store? We kid you not! A children’s store in Colorado has been forced to pull its range of crotchless underwear for children after sparking outrage among local parents. According to Colorado 9 news, the store Kids N Teen, which is located in a mall recently came under fire when when a mother named Erin French visited the store and discovered several pairs of crotchless thongs displayed near the selections of kids’ merchandise.

“[The store has] cuddly little backpacks, and pretty little princess dresses,” French told the station, after she made the discovery. She captured video of the panties with a cellphone camera.

The owner told the station that the store sells mostly kids’ products, but that a small portion of the merchandise is geared toward teens. The shop has since pulled the panties from shelves.

What kind of adult would buy crotchless panties for their young daughters?

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