Tameka Raymond accuses Usher of using drugs
Tameka Foster is demanding that Usher take a drug test, but he’s refusing to do it.The custody battle over Usher and Tameka’s kids has just gotten a little messier.

The New York Post reports that Tameka didn’t just request sole custody of their kids in October, she also requested that Usher submit himself to a drug test.

Citing an incident from September 2008, when she claims to have found some mysterious pills in his pocket, she stated, “I believe he gets high. And if he doesn’t then he’d take the drug test, correct?”

According to court documents, Tameka thinks Usher might have ben high during a performance  in Germany shortly after she found the pills. Video of the concert shows Usher ambling around stage, unable to sing.  Usher’s camp blamed the lackluster performance on a respiratory infection, but Tameka doesn’t buy it.

“I dated him … when he’s had a very serious throat condition and he still performs like a champ,” she said. “I really feel strongly that something was going on there, and it wasn’t, ‘Oh I have laryngitis.’”

In Usher’s opinion, Tameka’s request is a “frivolous and unfounded” stunt meant to “harass and embarrass” him.

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