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 Ladies and some men, don’t go into depression mode but CNN is losing some sexy chocolate!

Sources tell BMS that CNN hottie anchor T.J. Holmes is leaving the network at the end of this year. Oh lawwwd that is this month…(I’ve gone into depression mode already – sorry I digressed) Holmes who joined CNN in October 2006 anchored the weekend morning editions on CNN.

Holmes reportedly told his team this weekend just minutes after his newscast that he was leaving the network that Ted Turner founded.

Insiders say CNN tried to re-sign him but BMS has learned the offer was not good enough. Insiders tell BMS that Holmes wanted to anchor a weekday primetime show and when that offer did not happen in a timely manner, another network was already courting him to come to their network.

Speculation has been rampant for the past several months that one of the black anchors would leave soon because they are tired of being on the “weekend ghettos” (((weekend ghettos is the term used by minority journalists when a station/network places most or ALL of their “black anchors” only on the weekends – this can also include black producers and black directors.))

Don Lemon & Fredericka Whitfield are the remaining black anchors on the “ghetto” weekend newscasts.

We should point out that Suzanne Malveaux (seen above) who anchors CNN’s mid-day show, is currently the only African -American anchoring during the weekdays.

Soledad O’Brien will start to anchor CNN’s new morning show in 2012. Soledad O’Brien’s mom is Afro -Cuban and her dad is from Australia. (STOP it folks – i hear you already LOL) Suzanne and Soledad are also classmates from Harvard.

Former CNN anchor Tony Harris (seen on right) , who left CNN in December 2010 (last year) after more than six years at the cable channel, had to go all the way to Doha, Qatar to get a new anchoring gig on Al Jazeera English. Rumors continue to run rampant that he also left because he wanted a primetime position.

So where is T.J. going ?


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