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Oprah’s weight a matter of life or death as she hits 280 pounds
Doctors have told Oprah Winfrey that she needs to lose weight if she wants to save her life.According to the National Enquirer, Oprah has supposedly been engaging in some unhealthy eating habits due to the stress of running a new network and rumors that her friendship with longtime BFF Gayle King is fizzling. Specificialy, the Enquirer claims that she’s been downing a lot of alcohol and overeating.

Reportedly, the eating habits have Oprah tipping the scales at about 280 pounds.

“Hitting the 280-pound mark has opened Oprah up to a world of life-threatening health troubles—everything from diabetes to heart problems,” a source close to Oprah said. “She’s been told by people in the medical field that this time, it’s diet—or die.”

Taking the medical advice to heart, Oprah has gone on a low-calorie diet and started power walking to melt off the excess weight. Oprah’s wakeup call came when she saw a picture of herself from an Oscar event on November 12, where she was supposedly spilling out of a loose dress.

“Friends and loved ones have impressed upon Oprah that this is her final warning as far as her weight is concerned and urged her to start a new diet and exercise program,” the insider said. “They’re seri­ous and, thankfully, she’s listening.”

Now instead of chowing down on double-crust chicken pot pie, caramel corn ice cream and pizza, she’s snacking on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. And Oprah is guzzling down lots water during her daily power walks.


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