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A lot of us think “my parents just don’t understand” and it’s true—our parents don’t understand a lot of things of our generation. Lady Gaga probably looks like an escaped patient from a mental institution and they wonder why we keep adding colons and parentheses at the end of our text messages. But, there are some things that are timeless, and if your parents try to instill one of these little gems in you, let them:

Date around:

As tempting as it is to enjoy the security of a relationship, play the field as much as possible before you do. Your parents, with many more years behind them, probably dated many people who they thought at one point were the one and in retrospect are so happy they didn’t settle down with them. You need to see what’s out there to know what’s best for you.

Don’t move too fast:

Travelling together, moving in together, getting married…you might think you’ve waited a long time to do these things because you wait a few months or a few years, but your parents know that a few years is just a blip in time, and it’s so worth waiting a little longer before making such a big decision.

Have some single fun:

Sometimes, just don’t date! Not that your parents don’t love each other, but they probably miss their single days when they were completely free to go on month long trips through Europe with their friends, take an exciting job across country, and—let’s be real—make out with a lot of strangers. They’re able to enjoy being committed to one person now, because they got their wild days out of their system when they were young.

Play the game a little in the beginning:

Don’t give the guy a bunch of time and attention too soon. Not because you think you’re a princess or because you want to be manipulative, but because really, you barely know the guy! Don’t skip out on girl’s night for him, or let him keep you up super late when you said you wanted to be home later. Stick to your guns—he hasn’t earned his way to a place in your life where you should be compromising anything for him.

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