I’m not saying you should give up your femininity, burn all your sexy dresses and never let anyone open a door for you again. I think you should enjoy the best of both worlds—you should be able to do and be what you like about being a woman, toss the rest, and maybe even snag a few habits that you like from men. Like these:

Ignore your phone:

How often do you hear a woman complain that her man hasn’t called or texted her back for hours? Just walk through a bar and you’ll hear it a few times. But, fact is, women are more attached to their phones than men are. Men are better at being in the moment—at being in work mode all day, to the point where they don’t even check their phone on their lunch break, or at enjoying a four hour concert so much, that they don’t want to connect to the outside world. And that’s a good thing. Enjoy the moment. Stop checking your phone. Time will pass much quicker and you won’t even realize it took him four hours to get back to you.

Don’t worry about the future:

When it comes to relationships, don’t worry too much about where things are going. You’ll only stress yourself out because men just don’t worry as much about it as women do. So, you can either fight a constantly uphill battle of trying to drop hints about making your relationships “official”, or even about marriage, or you can sit back and enjoy the ride, like he is. Look—relationships that are meant to go somewhere, go somewhere. So don’t push it.

Prioritize friend time:

Man time is very important to men. They make a point of having at least one day a week when they go do something with just the guys. Women are more okay with bringing their man around to what should have been “girl time”, and sometimes they neglect to have girl time at all because they get caught up in their relationship. But it’s good for you and your relationship if you completely separate yourself from your guy sometimes.

Stick with your hobbies:

Same idea as prioritizing friend time, but more than just taking you away from your man for a while, sticking with your hobbies and your passions lets you remain the woman that he fell for. And, it helps you maintain a sense of individuality, as it is way too easy to suddenly wonder “who the hell am I?!” when you’ve been part of a couple for a long time. Read on here