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  Need a gig? Well, it doesn’t take hocus pocus, but it may take some Magic – Earvin “Magic” Johnson, that is. His Magic Workforce Solutions is a company that looks to get urban America back to work, whether you are underemployed or unemployed.

The two-and-a-half-year-old firm’s main goal is to get you a job. And to that end, they’ve enlisted the top portion of the Fortune 500 companies – the Fortune 50 to be exact, to help them.

“Magic Workforce Solutions are a division of Magic Johnson Enterprise, a human resources solutions provider to Fortune 50 companies nationwide,” says Graye Kennedy, national director of recruitment for Magic Workforce Services. “We’re growing very, very fast. We have presence in all 50 states, and we provide services in temp-to-hire help, temporary and direct hire or permanent opportunities.”

This week, MWS will host a job fair in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, April 1, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., for a national logistics company and cell phone distribution center that is looking to fill 600 warehouse slots.

While this particular job fair will focus on entry level jobs, there are other opportunities in the apparently booming Dallas/Ft. Worth area. A large financial services company is looking  for loan processors, financial analysts and compliance analysts.

“In Dallas, for the job fair on Thursday, we’re recruiting for entry-level warehouse workers, so we’re looking for people who are looking to supplement their income, are out of work or recent graduates of trade or technical schools that can fill these opportunities,” says Kennedy. “Nationwide, we do the entire spectrum – we fill entry level positions, we fill call center positions, executive level positions. We do those quite a lot.”

Kennedy says that Johnson’s success in urban marketplaces with his Starbucks franchises, Fatburgers and Magic Johnson Theaters has made him even more passionate about this new venture. While Tavis Smiley and other folks may argue that black America is bearing the brunt of America’s overall recession-driven problems, Johnson’s approach is to offer a solution by getting folks back to the workforce.

“This is his vision,” Kennedy says. “I definitely know that he is very, very much involved in this effort. He is the one that spearheaded the dream to actually becoming a reality, and we are helping him live the dream of putting urban America back to work and employing the underemployed. We happen to be the number-one brand in urban America. Yes, he is involved. And we are 100-percent committed.”

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