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Dating Advice for Women – Dating Secrets You Were Never Taught


I know. You’re tired and frustrated with the dating game. Tired of getting your hopes up time and time again only to find out that you


wind up back at the same place you started…alone. I get it, I really do. But it’s not your fault. You see no one ever taught you how to date and how to CREATE a great relationship. That’s right I said “create” a great relationship. 

You see there are two major decisions that most of us will make in our lives. The first one is “WHAT” we’re going to do with our lives. What is the career, occupation or vocation that we are going to invest our time in until we “retire”. The second decision involves “WHO” we are going to spend our lives with. Who are we going to allow the privilege of spending every day and evening with “til death do us part”.

I don’t know about you but I have done a lot of schooling (17 years total including my doctorate) and I learned zilch about how to succeed at either one of those things. Yes, college teaches us some knowledge and skills about our potential jobs, but how many of your friends and family members are actually doing what they went to school for? . And more importantly how many of them have become financially free in the process?

And when it comes to dating & relationships how many ‘courses” have you taken which teach you how to how to successfully date and find the person who will fulfill all of your essential needs. I took a lot of courses in college and graduate school…anthropology, history, philosophy and a ton of other general education requirements …but NOT ONE on Dating & Relationships. So yes, I learned a lot of useless information that will help me out if I’m on ever on Jeopardy but I learned absolutely nothing on how to become successful at the 2 biggest decisions I was ever going to make in my life. How about you?

So, you see that is the biggest secret of all. If you want to succeed at dating and create a GREAT relationship you must learn HOW to do so. I believe the reason so many relationships fail is because NO ONE ever taught us how to do it right. I’ve been studying human behavior and relationships for years and the one thing I’ve learned is that those who succeed are not “lucky”, the reason they succeed is because they learn how to make their luck.

I remember back when I was single how I used to believe that those individuals who were able to find love had been favored by the relationship gods. I now realize they weren’t, they just were able to learn the things that you & I had never been taught in school.  

Fortunately I was able to figure it all out (after making many costly mistakes). And you can to. If you want to succeed at dating and find love, you simply have to find someone who is already there and learn from them (unless you want to keep learning the hard way).

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