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As a part of their divorce settlement, Kobe Bryant and estranged wife Vanessa have reportedly transferred the ownership of their homes to each other, according to TMZ.

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On Jan. 5th, records show that Kobe officially transferred two properties to Vanessa, with some speculating that one of the estates is the property the couple shared in Newport Coast, Calif. As for the second home, TMZ reports that “it’s the nearby mansion where her  mother has been living.”

Still, Kobe wasn’t the only one to reportedly transfer property. Vanessa is said to have given Kobe an estate that is currently under construction in the Newport Coast area.

Kobe and Vanessa married in Dana Point, Calif. on April 18, 2001. At the time, while Kobe was 22 years old, Vanessa was just 18 years old. Only two short years later, Kobe was accused of raping a 19-year-old hotel employee and eventually settled out of court. Then a few months later, the NBA star had a re-commitment ceremony with his wife. Still, their marriage was said to have continuously suffered from Kobe’s alleged infidelity. Vanessa filed for divorce in late 2011.

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