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Ladies, ever wonder what men look at first when they are checking you out?  Here are the top 5 things men find attractive about women according to Danielle Page of

5. Boobs

4. Face

3. Eyes

2. Legs

1. Butt

Heres what Danielle had to say about the number one item.. That booty!:

“1.  BUTT – Come on, honestly did you think it was going to be anything else??  In the world of “thick women” lovin’ men could it have actually been anything else??  Yes it’s no surprise men appreciate a nice ass.  Firm, full, juicy, thick…….damn sounds like we’re discussing a steak!  Well it’s not too far off to how some men describe women (as a piece of meat).  For the most part men enjoyed looking at a woman who could fill out her jeans nicely.  You know the old saying, hate to see you go but love to watch you leave?  Yup this applies here.  I actually found a woman on these blogs who made a comment to the men raving about a nice ass and bravely asked the question “why is a nice ass so important, what is the fascination with a nice ass?”  One of many men were of course eager to reply with something that only a man could say (and this is where the PG rating comes in)  “We like to look at it jiggle while we are doing you from behind!”  Wooooooow that was deep, I wonder how long it took him to think of that one?  So the next time your doing your lunges and squats to keep your booty in the cutie, just think of why you’re doing it.  So you can look good while you’re man is doing you from behind.  Now that’s something to strive for in life!”

Lord knows I appreciate a well put together woman, so this list looks about right to me LOL!  Tell me what you think. For the full article on click here

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