Sherri Shepherd recently got swooped up in the whole N-word debate, as it became a hot topic on popular daytime show “The View” back in October.

The very outspoken talk show host revealed that she believes the use of the N-word is okay for African-Americans to use, but not white folk. And she told why she defends the use of it.

“That word brings up so many issues with everybody. I have Black friends who hate the word and don’t want it used. I respect those friends, and I don’t use the word around them. However, this is a word that was in my family.

When my uncle played dominos and spades, I heard it used in the utmost of affection. My mother used this word with my father, and my cousin used to say it at our family reunions. I also heard it when I moved to the suburbs in Chicago, and it was used very negatively towards me by white people. 


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