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Gathered in front of Washington’s elite over the weekend, President Barack Obama once again commanded the crowd much like his pointed State of the Union address last week. Saturday night, Obama spoke during the annual Alfalfa Club, a social organization comprised of politicians and other influential persons. The sitting president is typically asked to address the attendees, and Obama delivered laughs even at his expense.

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You’ve heard it from the pundits:  ‘Obama is cloistered in the White House.’ ‘He’s aloof.’ ‘He’s in the bubble.’ He’s not connecting,’ joked Obama. “And that’s why one of my big goals this year was to get out and be among every day, ordinary Americans — like the men and women of the Alfalfa Club.

Obama even mentioned his surprisingly formidable singing talents at the dinner as well:

At least my harshest critics can agree, I have a promising future as an Al Green impersonator, said Obama.

The president kept the jokes flying, even poking a bit of fun toward the direction of Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner:

John, I want you to know – I am eager to work with members of Congress to be entertaining tonight. But if Congress is unwilling to cooperate, I will be funny without them.

It wasn’t all jokes at the event as Occupy DC protestors gathered outside the Capitol Hilton, glitter bombing Senators Joe Lieberman and Mark Warner, who reportedly still had glitter in the hair. Police also reported that some of the female protestors taunted guests by ripping off their shirts.

The Alfalfa Club counts former presidents as part of its selective membership. George H.W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush were guests at the dinner. Michael Bloomberg and former presidential hopeful John McCain were also in attendance.


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