Bishop Eddie Long has a new title at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church: King.

Eddie, who spent much of 2011 battling charges of molestation, was wrapped in a priceless Jewish scroll as his church crowned him.

The ceremony was conducted by a rabbi, who explained the significance of the the scroll before bringing Eddie out to the center of the pulpit. “This is a scroll that’s 312 years old,” the rabbi told the New Birth congregation, noting that it is was found at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. “This is a holocaust  scroll.”

Supposedly, surrounding him in the scroll is an honor reserved for kings and symbolically hides him in the scriptures.

During the ceremony, the bishop remained silent as he was draped in a prayer shawl and given the belt of righteousness that held the scroll together. Eddie, seated in throne-like chair, was then hoisted up by four members of the congregation and carried around stage while holding the scroll.

Not only was he named a king, the rabbi designated him a prophet of Atlanta.

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