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After learning that his friend, Whitney Houston died, singer Kirk Franklin tweeted this…“Success killed her …” Everyone knew he was talking about Houston. In a recent interview the Grammy-winning gospel star explained why he tweeted that message to his 350,00+ followers.

I was very angry, I was very angry because when people become successful … you’re only important when you’re important. All that pressure to find the next single and to find the next hottest … what about Whitney the person? Let’s let her rest. Let’s let her chill. When she’s down chilling, that’s going to mess up everybody else’s money. We see this with our stars all the time. Michael or whatever… The burden of success becomes more of a weight than a pleasure. Some people turn to different things to get by. It’s unfortunate. For many years, record companies would even help artists get drugs. I’m not saying that that happened with Whitney, but there have been many stars in the past who have been victims of that. It’s unfair. It’s unfair that the weight of success is the thing that takes you out.”

Franklin, who has performed with Houston and had a great relationship with her, says he’s sad that her voice is gone.

I understand that death is part of life but what is very unfortunate is that you have an iconic figure who was so incredibly powerful, that because the landscape of music has changed, you don’t get to hear her music as much or see her presence as much. That was a talent that should have been noticed by every generation coming up.”

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Source: BlackMediaScoop

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