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Filmmaker-actor Tyler Perry did some good deeds on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” today in support of his new movie, “Good Deeds.”

For the past 90 days, Chicago pastor Rev. Corey Brooks of New Beginnings church has been camping out on the rooftop of a motel to call attention to his desire to build a community center on the site. Since he began living atop the abandoned property – which sits at the intersection of gang territory on Chicago’s South Side – Brooks’ quest has attracted the attention of people from all over the world. He has a contract to buy the motel for $450,000 to turn it into a center, and he’s received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

Brooks’ church, also on the South Side, is known for its outreach to Chicago’s large gang population, and Brooks is one of the few ministers left who will officiate at a gang funeral, given the violence that can sometimes come with them.

“I’ve always wanted to minister to the people Jesus would, the outcasts, the rejects, the dispossessed,” Brooks told The New York Times.  “Everybody is welcome. Everybody has a soul.”

And in Perry’s case, a huge heart.