A 77-year-old grandmother is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls in a neighborhood outside of Austin, Texas. Luckily, a few good Samaritans came to her rescue.

The blood stains spattered on the road speak of the vicious attack. “It was horrible. It was horrible. She was just crying, ‘Help me, help me.’”

“They could have killed her. And that would have just been devastating. it was devastating enough to see her so defenseless on the ground pleading for help.”

“They just ripped her. They had a rip on her head from here to back there, they had cut her right there & they had sliced her arm so it swelled up. And they had our arm just tearing at it.”

These three Jehovah’s witnesses were visiting the neighborhood when they heard June O’Hara’s screams and joined a college student, trying to fight off the dogs.

“He come and grabbed the stick and he started beating at the dogs and they were trying to bite and attack him.” The Jehovah’s witnesses decided seek a little divine intervention.

“I actually threw two Bibles. And they did back up. They backed up when I threw the Bibles at em. so the Bibles did help.” Finally, as first responders arrived, the dogs released the victim. Animal Control captured both pit bulls. AMR took June to the hospital.

“She’s a very nice lady. I don’t know her – but she’s somebody’s mother, somebody’s grandmother, somebody’s friend.”

“The first thing she said to me when we saw her in the ER was she didn’t think she was going to live through it. She actually didn’t think she was going to be alive after this.”

June’s son, Tim, got to meet the good Samaritan ladies. “There were some tears of thanks and joy and stuff like that. I’ll find a way to go to their church and thank em somehow – there’s gotta be a way. But I wish I could find out who the young man was. He needs to be thanked, too.”

Tim says he wants something done to prevent this from happening to anyone else. “My mom says she’ll never go out the house again to take a morning walk like she has for who knows how many years – can’t think of how many years she’s been doing it. So now that’s gonna tie her up in the house, and every time she walks outside she’s going to be looking over her shoulder.”

O’Hara has been released from the hospital. She sustained 12 puncture wounds to the head and a deep bite on her stomach.

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