Trey Songz is taking no time to rag on his friend and peer Chris Brown.

In an interview with Wild 94.9 radio in the Bay Area, the singer was asked about what kind of pick up lines he’s got, but the host tried to make Brown the butt of the joke.

She asked, “Chris Brown uses ‘Hey can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you,’” then went on to ask Songz what his line might be.

Not taking a moment to laugh or give room to criticism, he quickly rebutted with: “I’m not cool with that question. I’m not cool with this right here. That’s my homie. We’re not going to talk about Chris.”

That certainly left a damper on things. And so the interview ended shortly after that.

We would show you video of the incident, but it’s been removed from YouTube. Hmm, wonder why?

Source: EurWeb

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